Rotor conversion Lamec 420 Rapidblock



Rotor conversion fit for pellet press type Lamec 420 Rapidblock

the original rotor contains a repair-prone hydraulsiche die clamping device.
In the production plant, sealing damage and production failures are often

the episode:

  • Oil leak into finished product
  • expensive repairs to the seals (manufacturer’s binding) , in combination with high repair time (machine separation)
  • Repartur seal kits are not available when they are needed and can usually only be procured with delivery time


Do you know these problems?


We have the solution!

for this purpose we have developed a mechanical, screwable rotor without hydraulics. This can be easily replaced with the original part.
Existing attachments and components such as main shaft, lids, seals, pulley etc. can be used further


  • durable, stable sustainable construction
  • Easy interchangeability
  • Use of standardized pressing tools (matrices)
  • Elimination of normal regular repair costs
  • quiet, low-vibration running
  • Increase your plant availability and annual performance

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Delivery time: approx. 8 weeks from order



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