HYPERTHERM 750 – Hygienic treatment of biomass pellets for safe recycling

The Hypertherm 750 hygienizer is a new product that offers you a solution to comply with EC Regulation 1069/2009 and EU Regulation EU 142/2011.
Consequently, derived products from processed manure must have undergone heat treatment of at least 70 °C for at least 60 minutes in order to be reliably free of germs.
Hypertherm 750 Hygienizer

Technical data:

Type: Hypertherm 750
Throughput: approx. 750-900kg/h pellets
Discharge below: Snail floor
Power consumption: 0.75kW
Discharge above: 0.75kW
Heating: approx. 2500 watts
Temperature sensors: 2pcs per chamber
Level sensors: 2pcs per chamber
Revions openings: 1pc per chamber

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Effective neutralisation of pathogenic (disease-causing) germs by complying with EC + EU regulations ( >60 min. at 70 °C)

  • Batch operation enables 100 batch traceability
  • Makes pellets exportable across the EU
  • Ideally combinable with our pelletising system
  • Low operating costs due to efficient process management


The pellets are filled into two chambers (capacity 750-900kg/h). After a short warm-up phase, the pellets are hygienized in batch operation. The hot pellets coming from the pelet press are introduced into the upper chamber of the hygienist. When the upper chamber is filled, it is completely emptied into the lower chamber. While the upper chamber is filled again with pellets, a defined hygienization takes place in the lower chamber.
Continuous process monitoring ensures that the core temperature of the pellets of 70 °C is at least one
held for an hour.