Pre-container VB.9-800-L

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Pre-container type VB.9

Gross volume approx. 800 litres
Design: hexagonal
Wall surface angle: approx. 6°
Opening size (top): approx. 900mm
Inlet opening: .200mm
3-arm discharge stir-fry


The VB.9 is suitable as a press or mill pre-container for constant dosing on subsequent aggregates.

The container walls are made stainless steel. The hexagonal, conical geometry effectively prevents the rotation of the product as well as bridge formation and ensures safe product discharge.

The heavy 3-arm room discharge promotes the container contents for the discharge opening and causes a constant and homogeneous filling of the extrative organ.

It sinf different versions of different volume available.

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Dimension sheet 1000699 VB.9-800L


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